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Discover How To Make Money Online Selling Expired Domain Names...

Hi, my name is Ikenna,

A few years ago, I shared my business model with a small group of people.

I let them all know just how I have been able to work from home, for myself and do it without any employees, or outsourced staff.

I've been working at home, in an office just off my kitchen, for almost 13 years now and I'do like to give you the opportunity to do the same.

And I want to give you access to the same tools and software that I have developed for me.....
This is not a scaled down version either - It's the real deal.

Now I do have to let you know in advance...

I don't run my business like anyone else. I've designed the whole thing around two things that I consider to be non-negotiable requirements.....

  • I need to be able to do it from home, without any employees, and without any office space.
  • It needs to make me money, every day, whether or not I turn on my computer.

It’s taken me almost 13 years to figure it all out and put all the pieces together… and I’ve made a few mistakes along the way, but now it just works.
Everything you’re about to see came from me… It’s very personal, and what you’re about to learn isn’t for everyone, it’s not meant to be.

Some people want an office.
Some people want a big staff.
Some people love outsourcing…
I’m not one of those people.

I need to be able to take time off whenever I want to, I need to be able to make money even when I am not at the computer, and I can’t stand the thought of having any overhead.

If you’d like to learn how I do it…

Here’s how, I am not meant to bring to you Breaking news as I already know that this might not be new to some people.

I am here to share the biggest investment you can ever find in the world, it’s not a joke.

What is expired domain parking system?
This involves buying or registering of EXPIRED domains and monetizing it to start bringing you income just as simple as it sounds.
There are over 2 million domains expiring every day, so the problem of getting a domain should not be a hassle.

You don’t need to be a computer literate, engineer or whatsoever to do this, provided you are able to read, write and check your emails.

What is the concept behind this?
Well do not let anybody deceive you. there is no free money on the internet, so you have to work hard for any genuine money making business, except you want to be deceived.

What is required of you to do here is to buy an Expired domain Name and after that you park it, connect ads to that domain after that you start earning income that would be generated from the traffics that the domain has Before.

Every expired domain has already existing traffic as traffic is the most basic thing about domain business, being that any domain without traffic is useless.

It is those traffic that the expired domain has that would be giving you your income.

This is real my friend. let me not tell you lies, you have to work for about 3-5 days after that you start earning income.
You know one Amazing thing about this business is that you only work for 3-5 days and for the rest of your life you continue earning a consistent income of average $20 a day from 1 domain.

You might decide to even have time for other business and you would still be earning a constant income.

Now You May be Asking” how can I get an expired domain?'' Well for your information, There is a  software that can comb hundreds of expired domains within 3 minutes.

And about 2 million Domain names expire everyday and are available to quickly register.  

Now this is easy but very effective. I tell you this is the best investment I have ever come across. Just how much will it cost you to get a domain? It only cost $8.99.

A pretty good expired domain name can get you $5.00 – $10.00 daily (depending on your keyword and the parking company you use) while better expired domains can make over $30 – $50 daily.

Now imagine that you have 10 expired domains, each of them making just $10 – $20.

When was the last time you made such an amount online a day doing almost nothing? 

Just register, park and go to sleep Now if you have about 10 of them, that means you would be earning $150-$200 .

This is real, I have proof for those who are interested in this business, I will show you my portfolio of parked domains that are already earning me income.

I know some people are already earning money from this but due to their greediness,  they would never want to let it out. 

How much will it cost you to show somebody a reluctant way of making money through A lifetime that only requires a hard work of 3-5 days?

A lot of people who want to make money Online waste their money, time and energy doing the wrong things in an effort to make money Online.

They engage in Forex trading, MLM, Stock trading, affiliate marketing, and buy all sorts of Ebooks all to no avail.
It might surprise you, but 95% of all the Make money programs and Ebooks you see being advertised daily are a TOTAL & COMPLETE waste of time and money.

This might sound painful, especially if you have ever bought into a Money making program that failed to deliver on its promises, but the fact is that most of the so-called experts who sell those Money making programs are only out to make money.
Not only that, most of the advice currently being peddled by some self-styled gurus and experts Is TOTALLY inaccurate, fraud and insincerity.
Now don’t get this wrong, there are a lot of ways you can make money online Legally in Nigeria and one of them is EXPIRED DOMAIN GOLDMINE.
But Not everyone will succeed in this online business. Some people normally likes to RUSH into some business without proper Investigation and knowledge and that’s why many has been SCAMMED AND DECEIVED easily, I entered into expired Domain investing in late september 2014 and I sold my first domain name at $550 USD at afternic.
From 1992, a number of visionary people went on to register lots of dot com domain names. These domain names turned them into millionaires when they resold it later.

Below is a list of most expensive domain names ever sold.

1. sold for $16m dollars in 2009
2. $30.18m USD in 2012.
3. was sold for $35m USD in 2007.
4. was sold For $2,386 USD at sedo in September 2015 mention but a few.
In october 2014, was sold for a whooping price of $200,000 USD by its owner.
I’m Ready to Show You a Simple Step By Step Way Of How To Do What I have Done And Make Much Money From.

In business, BRANDING is everything, the best domain names are GOLD and remember, there’s no email without a domain name! No domain, No Internet.

From my experience so far in this business, I have been able to compile all about expired domain Strategies, brains, gains and loss into a Guide that will take you step by step into this Online goldmine.
Due to popular request especially from Nairaland and my zeal to help several of our youths who are jobless or are not earning enough to pay some bills, we’ve concluded plans to organise:


For 10 serious Nigerians who are looking for alternative genuine way to make money online right here from Nigeria.

Here are just a few proofs from some of my previous sales;

In this training, you will learn;

  • My Easy to follow blueprint that reveals how to have your first domain name ready for sale by this time in 2 days time.
  • How to sell your domains fast
  • Keywords and Trends to go for.
  •  top sites to sell your domain names for maximum profit for FREE
  • Find out how you can instantly maximize the value of every single domain name that you ever register and present it to potential buyers so that the perceived value is THROUGH the roof! This is an insider trade secret to instantly squeezing out 200x the value of every domain you sell.
  • How to start making money with Expired domain names six days from Now

With these little known secrets at your disposal, you’ll discover exactly how to make money selling and parking domain names, while instantly eliminating all of your risks.

Leap through the hurdles and save time and money by following my proven strategy to making an absolute fortune in the domain flipping marketplace!


This is the best opportunity I can give you to make money online from Nigeria but It's not for everyone. The original price of this Ecourse is N18,500 but because I want to help few Nigerians who're eager to make money online legitimately from this country, I've decided to  charge a token for this course for just 10 persons READY to learn and follow instruction.

Yes, with that little amount, you will have access to tools, training and resources to make money consistently online from home..... and say a big shame to those who have been laughing at you. However this offer is just for 10 persons only after which the amount will go back to the original price if I still got the chance.

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However if this offer is no longer available, you will be notified too. 

                                                                    More proofs;

How to participate;

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